How to Measure Your WordPress Site’s Speed and Optimize for Performance

Abraham Lincoln stated, “Give me 6 hours to slice down a tree, and I will invest the very first 4 honing the axe.” “Give me 6 hours to grow an online company, and I will invest the very first 4 enhancing the site,” is what a sensible web designer would state. Enhancing a site for speed can be difficult, however, it’s essential to developing a rewarding user experience.

We have some great news if you do not understand where to start. There are a lot of tools readily available that will assist you in determining your WordPress website’s speed and enhance its efficiency. Let’s stroll through a few of the tools you can utilize to start.

4 Tools to Measure Your WordPress Site’s Speed

You are prepared to find the very best tools you can utilize to determine website speed and enhance it for efficiency? Let’s dive in.

1. SuperbThemes Page Speed Checker

wordpress website optimization tool: utilize wordpress page speed test tool (revealed above) One typical misunderstanding is that you must have much experience dealing with sites to enhance your website’s filling speed. With the assistance of SuperbThemes’ Page Speed Checker, you can rapidly get more details about how your site is carried out. With this extra insight, you can choose where you wish to go from there to enhance it for speed. This is an especially excellent service for more recent WordPress site owners because it concentrates on options over technical descriptions.

To start, type your site’s URL and strike the “Check Pagespeed” button to get a tactical introduction to your website. This tool offers a general grade and four significant signs:

  • Server load time
  • Material load time
  • Totally crammed time
  • On-page SEO

wordpress website optimization test results: image reveals an analysis of how's website carries out with speed tests Naturally, these metrics aren’t enough for a complex website evaluation, however, they are valuable for a quick assessment. The standout function of the SuperbThemes Checker is the concentrate on services In addition to the above metrics, the tool has an area for problems and options.

wordpress website speed and optimization: image reveals the tool's area that expands and informs you what tools you can utilize to repair the concern

Instead of showcasing unlimited technical information, the checker recommends widely known plugins to repair efficiency problems. SuperbThemes checker recommends WP Rocket as the very best service for caching a site. It likewise points out WP Super Cache as a complimentary option however cautions that it needs some technical abilities.

Suitable for:

  • Web designers who do not have time and desire a quick and major option
  • Quick examinations of a site efficiency


  • Easy, complimentary, no registration needed
  • Concentrate on services, not on technical elements

2. PageSpeed Insights

wordpress website speed optimization: pagespeed insights homepage Next up is Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which offers more details about how Google views your website. PageSpeed Insights began as an essential tool to examine a site’s mobile-friendliness.

With time, it’s become an appropriate tool to inspect how your website is carried out. PageSpeed Insights is a highly-complex tool providing details about website efficiency, availability finest practices, and SEO. It ranks each site and shows the Core Web Vitals metrics.

wordpress website speed and optimization: image reveals arise from's efficiency on page speed insights

Regardless of the details’ intricacy, PageSpeed Insights is easy to utilize. Simply key in the site URL and strike the Enter tab. Know that it offers various information and grades for mobile and desktop variations. The ball game of your site is based upon the following metrics:

  • FCP (First Contentful Paint)
  • SI (Speed Index)
  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)
  • TBT (Total Blocking Time)
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

wordpress website optimization: lighthouse scoring calculator outcomes are revealed

Google advertises how these metrics weigh in the general ratingYou can eventually enhance your site score by improving these metrics. PageSpeed Insights likewise supplies succinct and valuable suggestions to accelerate your site. For the best outcomes, continue to enhance your website until it’s in the green zone and attains a 90+ score for mobile and desktop.

Perfect for:

  • All site owners– since everybody desires their site to rank greater on Google


  • Basic to utilize
  • Supplies a wealth of information

3. WebPageTest

wordpress website speed and optimization: webpagetest homepage PageSpeed Insights is highly reliable and simple to utilize. However, users do not have control over screening conditions. That’s where WebPage Test takes the program. Site owners who target a local market wish to have their sites evaluated from the closest servers. With WebPageTest, you can quickly do so. It permits all sorts of users– unregistered, signed up, and paid consumers– to tailor the screening conditions. It’s rather essential to choose from the screening conditions.

Head to the homepage, key in the URL, and choose Website Performance from the drop-down menu. Other options include CoreWeb Vitals, Lighthouse, Visual Comparison, and Traceroute. Next, click the “Advanced Configuration” drop-down button to access the settings. Separate the screening place, the web browser, the connection type, and the variety of tests.

wordpress website speed and optimization: webpagetest

WebPageTest impresses not just with its broad screening options but likewise with the large volume of information offered about the website’s efficiency. The Efficiency summary uses a thorough overview of a number of essential metrics consisting of:

  • Time to First Byte
  • Contentful Paint
  • Biggest Contentful Paint
  • Cumulative Layout Shift
  • Overall Blocking Time
  • Page Weight

wordpress website optimization and speed: image reveals efficiency summary results

For extra insight, head over to Information, where you can learn how to accelerate your website. It shows a visual page-loading procedure which is of significant assistance to comprehending the experience of the website visitors. The waterfall view shows a graphic describing the demands and pertinent metrics.

wordpress website speed and optimization: waterfall view

Those looking for more control over the optimization procedure must go to the Request information, which includes each demand and helpful information about them, like material type, download time, and status code.

wordpress website speed: demand information area of the tool

Perfect for:

  • Web designers who require granular control over the screening conditions


  • Comprehensive and impactful details about the website’s efficiency
  • Lots of tips, even for unregistered users

4. GTmetrix

wordpress website speed: gtmetrix results Like WebPageTest, GTmetrix is an impressive tool accepting the freemium design. Paid clients benefit as they can access the totality of functions, while signed-up users have some minor restrictions. And you do not need to develop a complimentary account to utilize GTmetrix.

Among the most significant benefits of GTmetrix is its capability to personalize test conditions. The screening servers cover the whole world, many web browsers can be picked, and the Internet connection types replicate all the Internet linking methods. GTmetrix enables retesting and allows you to compare your site to others. This performance is practical as it lets you see how your website’s speed stacks up with the competitors.

This tool supplies a GTmetrix grade, from A to F, and a set of Web Vitals metrics for each site. These tactical signs let you understand the present state of the site’s efficiency. Some other crucial details make GTmetrix products consist of:

  • Summary reveals the primary problems of the site, overall page size, variety of demands, and speed visualization.
  • Efficiency screens a lot of beneficial metrics.
  • Structure groups the problems by their significance and supplies actionable suggestions to repair them.
  • Waterfall display screens a request-by-request visualization that is of excellent worth for innovative web designers.
  • Video records a video to assist users in getting a much better concept of the experience of website visitors.
  • History lays out how your site is carried out gradually.

wordpress website speed and efficiency: gtmetrix homepage results

Perfect for:

  • Web designers who require a big volume of details


  • A variety of information about the website’s efficiency
  • Actionable pointers to repair all the efficiency problems

What’s triggering your speed concerns?

It takes a little investigator work to identify why you must accelerate your site. The complex technical information is intimidating for some users who might require extra assistance. To conserve your time and nerves, we assembled a list of typical concerns and tips to repair them.

Poor-Quality Hosting

If you’re experiencing sluggish load times, your site hosting might be to blame. Your host platform affects speed, stability, and security. The worst circumstance is that the hosting platform is so bad that any ventures to enhance the website’s efficiency fail.

The function of the host is important in the complex formula of a site’s packing speed. Less-experienced web designers particularly must investigate the host prior to carrying out any speed enhancements. Every hosting business should offer a comprehensive report about their services, so you must study it. You can practically discover in-depth evaluations of any hosting suppliers you are considering, so do not be scared to do your research.

Unoptimized Images

Images bloat the site file size and, as a result decrease the filling speed. The big bulk of web designers understand that enhancing images is essential; however, they stop working to do so.

Fortunately, speed checkers highlight this concern, and enhancing the images is rather basic. A lot of image optimization plugins are offered in the WordPress repository, or you can do so by hand, utilizing a tool like Squoosh.

A Lot Of HTTP Requests

Generally, a complicated site has numerous demands. As an outcome, the more intricate a site is, the harder it is to make it pack quickly. Minimizing the variety of HTTP demands is an option; however, at the very same time, it isn’t possible to cut your website performance simply for this function.

Page checkers reveal a variety of demands. However, for some individuals, it appears like it’s excessive details to parse. Audit the style and performance of your site to decrease the number of demands. Prior to beginning to enhance your site, respond to these concerns:

  • Are all images, image sliders, or videos published on the site 100% required? Would their removal or replacement significantly affect the design/functionality?
  • Exists enough whitespace?
  • Are you sure that all the plugins set up work?

Absence of a Speed Enhancement Plugin

Plugin designers released fantastic items that simplify the speed-up of WordPress sites. Set up an efficiency plugin if you do not wish to compose bits of code, carry out SQL commands, or minify code on your own. Be conscious that too many plugins can adversely affect page load time, so be aware of what you’re utilizing on your website.

Accelerate Your WordPress Site Today

Determining and enhancing your WordPress website’s speed is essential for boosting user experience, enhancing online search engine rankings, and eventually driving more traffic and conversions. By utilizing the tools and ideas showcased, you can considerably improve your website’s efficiency and ensure that it loads rapidly and efficiently for your visitors. Contact SellingsVibe to get your WordPress website optimized and accelerated. 

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