14-Step Technical WordPress SEO Framework (Proven Checklist)

Do you require a technical SEO list?

Enhancing your website for online search engines can be a difficulty if you’re unsure what to try to find. Lots of site owners will guarantee standard SEO practices but ignore technical aspects.

In this post, we will reveal a WordPress technical SEO structure and share a list you can utilize for your service.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Technical SEO Framework?

Technical SEO is a crucial element of your WordPress SEO method. You might be producing the world’s finest material, however, if online search engines can’t discover and comprehend your material, then all your efforts are squandered.

That’s why it is essential to have a WordPress technical SEO structure.

Our WordPress SEO structure list will guarantee that online search engines can quickly crawl and index your material. Plus, you can likewise assess other technical elements of your WordPress site that may be avoiding you from attaining greater rankings.

Your site may be taking a long time to load. This would lead to bad rankings because the page load time is a ranking aspect.

You may have erroneously included nofollow tags and avoided search engines from crawling and indexing your material.

How to Evaluate Technical SEO in WordPress

There are lots of SEO tools that let you carry out SEO audits and discover if your website is technically enhanced. Not all tools will reveal information inside your WordPress control panel.

The simplest method to assess technical SEO for your WordPress website is by utilizing All in One SEO (AIOSEO)It is the very best WordPress SEO plugin that assists you to enhance your site for online search engines.

It provides a totally free SEO Analysis tool that you can utilize to carry out a technical SEO audit. The tool is readily available in the AIOSEO Lite variation, which you can utilize totally free. There are likewise superior AIOSEO strategies that use more functions like schema markups, sitemaps, redirection supervisor, and more.

You’ll require to set up and trigger the AIOSEO plugin. For more information, please see our guide on how to set up a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you can go to All in One SEO” SEO Analysis from your WordPress admin panel. Under the ‘SEO Audit Checklist’, you’ll see a total rating for your site.

SEO analysis

Next, you can scroll down to the Advanced SEO and Performance areas.

Here, the plugin will assess the technical SEO elements of your site based on various specifications and ranking signals. It will then highlight missing out on aspects and vital problems that might stop your website from ranking greater.

View advanced SEO and efficiency

You can utilize AIOSEO to continually monitor your website’s technical SEO and repair concerns. You can likewise carry out a rival analysis and see what they’re doing in a different way for their technical SEO optimization.

That stated, let’s take a look at our WordPress SEO structure list that you can utilize to guarantee greater rankings and natural traffic. You can click the links listed below to leap ahead to any area:

  • Guarantee Your Website shows up in Search Engines
  • Reveal Crawling and Indexing Issues
  • Ensure Your Website is Secure with HTTPS
  • Discover and Fix Broken Links
  • Try To Find Duplicate Versions of Your Site
  • Usage SEO-Friendly URL Structures
  • Guarantee Your Site is Mobile Friendly
  • Inspect Your Website Speed and Improve Performance
  • Minify Your CSS and JavaScript Files
  • Produce XML Sitemaps and Submit Them to Search Engines
  • Usage Schema Markup for Rich Snippets
  • Enhance Your Robots.txt File for SEO
  • Make Certain Google Doesn’t Flag Your Site for Malware
  • Usage Server-Side Rendering vs Client-Side Rendering

1. Guarantee Your Website shows up in Search Engines

The very first thing you require to examine is whether online search engines has the ability to discover your WordPress website.

You can merely get in site:example.com in the online search engine and see if your site appears in the search results page. Simply change ‘example.com’ with your own domain.

Carry out website search

If your website isn’t appearing, then you can examine the presence settings in WordPress.

Go on and check out the Settings” Reading page from your WordPress admin panel. Next, scroll down to the Online search engine exposure setting and make sure the ‘Discourage online search engine from indexing this website’ alternative is uncontrolled.

Online Search Engine Visibility Setting in WordPress

This alternative is generally allowed if your site is under the building or is put in upkeep mode.

2. Reveal Crawling and Indexing Issues

If your site shows up in online search engines, then it is very important to examine that your material is crawled and indexed.

Crawling is the procedure where Google, Bing, and other online search engine find and comprehend your site. Indexing is the procedure where online search engines gather and keep details about your site.

A basic method of inspecting crawling and indexing concerns is utilizing web designer tools. Google Search Console is a totally free tool by Google that reveals your website’s efficiency on search outcomes, assists reveal bugs, and enables you to send your website to Google.

If you have not linked to the web designer tool, then see our guide on how to include a WordPress website to Google Search Console.

In Google Search Console, you can head to the ‘Pages’ report. Here, you’ll see pages that are indexed and not indexed.

Page indexing in search console

Next, you can scroll down to the ‘Why pages aren’t indexed’ report.

Google Search Console will reveal your crawling and indexing mistakes on your site and which pages are impacted by them. You can then deal with these concerns, so your websites can appear in Google search results pages.

Why pages are not indexed

You can likewise examine indexing and crawling problems for specific URLs.

Merely get in the page link in the URL evaluation tool at the top. Google Search Console will then reveal to you a report on whether the URL is indexed and on Google.

URL evaluation tool

If it is not, then you’ll see a ‘URL is not on Google’ message. To repair this, you can click the ‘Request Indexing’ button so Google can crawl and index your page.

3. Make Certain Your Website is Secure with HTTPS

Another essential thing to examine from a technical SEO structure viewpoint is whether your site is safe and secure or not.

Google and another online search engine will provide choices to websites that utilize HTTPS over those that utilize HTTP. To protect your website, you will require an SSL certificate to secure the connection between your site server and the user’s internet browser.

You can inspect this by searching for the padlock check in your internet browser’s search bar at the top.

Search for padlock indication

The majority of WordPress hosting businesses now use totally free SSL with all their strategies. You can ask your host to see if they provide that.

For more information, please see our guide on how to move your WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Broken links are bad for your site’s SEO structure, and it adversely affects your user experience. These are links that no longer exist and will return a 404 mistake.

Considering that online search engine spiders discover various pages on your site by following internal links. A damaged link can stop them from finding brand-new material. As an outcome, your page may not get indexed in the search engine result.

If a visitor clicks on a link and is not able to discover a page they’re looking for, then they may leave your site.

The MonsterInsights custom-made 404 mistake style

With All in One SEO (AIOSEO)you can quickly discover and repair damaged links on your WordPress site.

It uses an effective redirection supervisor that assists track 404 mistakes on your site and lets you establish irreversible 301 redirects to repair damaged links.

404 mistake logs in AIOSEO

For more information, you can follow our in-depth guide on how to discover and repair damaged links in WordPress.

5. Search For Duplicate Versions of Your Site

It is very important that Google and another online search engine just index one variation of your site.

Your site can have various variations, however, they ought to all indicate one variation. You can have a website that has www and non-www variation or HTTP and HTTPS variation:

 https://www.example.com https://example.com http://www.example.com http://example.com

Whether you pick a www or non-www variation, all the URLs ought to reroute to the main WordPress URL. Otherwise, Google will think about each variation as a various site.

This can adversely affect your total SEO rankings. The online search engine will not understand which variation to index, and it might trigger replicate content problems.

You can examine the main URL for your website by going to Settings” General from the WordPress control panel. Next, take a look at the web address in the ‘WordPress Address (URL)’ and ‘Site Address (URL)’ fields.

Search for main URL

With AIOSEO, you can instantly set the appropriate canonical URL in your website header, so online search engines will understand your choice.

6. Usage SEO-Friendly URL Structures

After setting a main URL for an online search engines to index, you can now inspect the URL structure of your site.

URL structure plays a crucial function in your SEO. Having an SEO-friendly URL structure will assist Google, Bing, and other online search engine in quickly crawling your pages and comprehending your material.

Here’s an example of a bad URL structure:


Rather, you need to be utilizing URLs that explain the material, like:


You can produce SEO-friendly URLs by ensuring that they are brief and detailed. Do not forget to consist of a keyword in the permalinks, utilize hyphens for different words, keep all the words in lowercase, and do not utilize stop words.

Pro Tip: Do not consist of numbers in your URL slugs, either. With that method, you can upgrade your material in the future

7. Guarantee Your Site is Mobile Friendly

The next product in the technical SEO structure list is to guarantee your WordPress website is mobile responsive.

With Google now going mobile-first, it will now index your website’s mobile variation rather than the desktop variation.

You can examine your website’s mobile responsiveness by utilizing the complimentary Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Mobile friendly test

Just enter your site URL and click the ‘Test URL’ button.

The tool will then reveal outcomes for your site. You can see if it is mobile-ready or not.

See mobile friendly test tool results

If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you can begin by altering to a responsive WordPress style.

You can likewise follow our guide on how to alter your WordPress style without losing any information or traffic.

8. Examine Your Website Speed and Improve Performance

Your site speed is likewise a crucial part of your WordPress technical SEO structure. Google utilizes page load speed as a ranking aspect and will rank fast-loading websites greater compared to slow-performing sites.

You can examine site load time by running a website speed test. You can utilize MonsterInsights, which is the finest Google Analytics plugin that reveals a website speed report inside your WordPress control panel.

You’ll initially require to set up Google Analytics to your WordPress website utilizing MonsterInsights.

After that, you can head to the Insights” Reports page from your WordPress admin panel. Next, you can go to the ‘Site Speed’ tab. Here, you’ll see a general rating for your site speed for desktop and mobile.

Website speed report

The report will likewise reveal other metrics that are essential for determining your site speed.

If you scroll down, then MonsterInsights uses suggestions and benchmark objectives for each metric you need to target.

Suggestions for enhancing speed

To enhance site load time, you can see our supreme guide to increasing WordPress speed and efficiency.

A fast idea that you can utilize to enhance your site speed is minifying your CSS and JavaScript files.

The term minified ways to decrease the size of site files by getting rid of white areas, lines, and unneeded characters. When a user sees your site, various files are sent out to the user’s internet browser, that includes CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files.

By decreasing the file size, you can substantially enhance site speed and efficiency. There are numerous WordPress plugins and hosting services that permit you to minify CSS and JavaScript files, like WP Rocket and SiteGround.

For more information, you can take a look at our guide on how to minify CSS and JavaScript files in WordPress.

9. Enhance Your Internal Linking Structure and Remove Orphaned Pages

Internal links play an essential function in your site’s technical SEO structure. Online search engine reward sites that have a correct internal connecting structure without a lot of orphaned pages.

AIOSEO has an effective SEO Link Assistant function that makes it simple for you to find link chances and even automates the procedure for you.

It is the very best internal connecting plugin for WordPress that crawls the links on your WordPress site and. supplies a comprehensive report. You can see a variety of internal links, outgoing links, and affiliate links for each post and page.

AIOSEO Link assistant control panel

You can see all the link tips in one location, and it can even instantly return and include internal links in your older posts with a single click.

Discover internal link chances and orphaned pages

10. Produce XML Sitemaps and Submit Them to Search Engines

Another fundamental part of technical SEO structure is making it simpler for online search engines to discover your material. Among the methods, you can do is by developing an XML sitemap.

It informs online search engines about the crucial pages on your site. By doing this, online search engine bots can crawl your website much faster and index your material. While a sitemap will not enhance your rankings, it will enhance the total crawling and indexing procedure.

You can produce and personalize the sitemap utilizing AIOSEOThe plugin will instantly produce a sitemap upon activation. It likewise lets you develop a video sitemap, a news sitemap, an HTML sitemap, and an RSS sitemap.

AIOSEO sitemap alternatives

As soon as you’ve developed a sitemap, you can then send it to various online search engines utilizing their web designer tools.

Google Search Console offers the alternative to get in the sitemap URL and sending it to the search engine. To get more information, you can see our guide on how to send your website to the online search engines.

Send sitemap to Google

You can likewise include your website to Bing Webmaster Tool and then send an XML sitemap to enhance crawling and indexing.

11. Usage Schema Markup for Rich Snippets

The next technical SEO structure product you must examine is schema markup. It assists online search engines to comprehend your material much better and how it will appear on the search results page.

You can utilize schema markup for dishes, evaluations, occasions, companies, FAQs, articles, item pages, several places for regional organizations, and more.

The online search engine can utilize this info and screen abundant outcomes. It likewise assists record Google-included bits, which can increase natural clicks and traffic.

Here’s how Google reveals dishes, active ingredients, rankings, cooking time, and other info for blog site posts that utilize a dish schema markup.

Dish schema markup

You can quickly include a schema markup in WordPress and WooCommerce utilizing AIOSEO.

The plugin lets you pick the schema type depending on your material, and it looks after the rest.

Schema markup settings in AIOSEO

With AIOSEO, you can likewise include totally custom-made schema markups based upon your requirements utilizing the WordPress customized schema generator function. This can assist you to get star rankings and other abundant bits in Google.

AIOSEO Custom Schema Generator for WordPress

12. Enhance Your Robots.txt File for SEO

Robots.txt is a text file that defines guidelines for online search engine bots on how to crawl your site. You can inform which pages to crawl and which pages to avoid while crawling.

Here’s what a robots.txt file would appear like for a WordPress website:

 User-Agent: * Allow: /wp-content/uploads/ Disallow: /wp-admin/ Disallow: /readme.html Disallow: /refer/   Sitemap: http://www.example.com/post-sitemap.xml Sitemap: http://www.example.com/page-sitemap.xml

Including a robots.txt file conserves the crawl quota. An online search engine spider will crawl a specific variety of pages throughout a session. If they do not complete crawling all the pages on your website, they will resume crawling in the next session.

This can decrease the indexing of your material, and it will appear in the search results page after some hold-up. That’s why enhancing the robots.txt file is an essential part of the technical SEO structure.

You can prohibit pages unneeded pages like the WordPress admin location, style folder, plugin files, and more. By doing this, you get to conserve the crawl quota and enable online search engine bots to crawl much more pages.

On the other hand, you can include sitemaps and other crucial pages to robots.txt. In this manner, the online search engines will crawl and index them as rapidly as possible.

A basic method of enhancing the robots.txt file is by utilizing AIOSEOYou can make it possible for custom-made robots.txt to utilize the plugin and include guidelines to enable or prohibit online search engines to crawl.

Enhance robotics txt file

To read more, please see our guide on how to enhance your WordPress robots.txt for SEO.

13. Ensure Google Doesn’t Flag Your Site for Malware

Another essential technical SEO list product is to guarantee your website isn’t flagged by Google for malware or undesirable software application.

If your site is a security threat to users, then Google will reveal the following caution message:

Google safe searching malware caution

This can be actually bad for your WordPress SEO. It will keep individuals far from visiting your site, and affect your rankings, and general site traffic.

To scan for harmful files on your site, you can utilize a WordPress security scanner. At WPBeginner, we utilize Sucuri as it is the very best WordPress firewall program and security plugin. It looks for vulnerabilities like malware, spam injection, and harmful code, and assists tidy up the site.

You can likewise have a look at our guide on how to repair ‘this website ahead including damaging programs’ mistakes in WordPress, if Google flags your website for malware.

14. Usage Server Side Rendering vs Client Side Rendering

Another technical SEO finest practice is making sure that your website’s JavaScript renders on the server side and not on the customer side.

Server-side making is when the JavaScript files render on the site server. While client-side making is when the JavaScript files render in the user’s web browser.

Client-side making is bad for your website’s user experience and SEO. All the problem of filling your website rapidly falls on the visitor. Plus, online search engine bots utilize JavaScript resources for crawling and indexing your material. This might lead to JavaScript material being missed out on by spiders and not consisted of in the online search engine index.

With server-side making, your site server guarantees whatever loads rapidly. By doing this, you get a much better user experience, faster page load speed, and lower any threat of material being missed out on from indexing.

One method of making sure that JavaScript is rendering on your website’s server is by running a website speed test. If your site speed is low, then it might be due to the fact that of this problem. You can likewise take a look at crawled pages in Google Search Console and see if Google missed out on any material while crawling. If it did, then it might be due to the fact that of JaveScript-related SEO concerns.

That’s it. You’ve made it to the end of the list. You do not require to go through each and every point in the technical SEO structure simultaneously. Just go one action at a time and work your method through the list.

We hope this short article assisted you to discover WordPress’s technical SEO structure. You might likewise wish to see our contrast of the very best keyword research study tools and our tested pointers on how to increase your blog site traffic.


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