ChatGPT now has an official iPhone app

OpenAI has released a free ChatGPT app for iOS. It’s the very first main mobile phone app for the viral language design, signing up with a crowded field of third-party mobile AI software applications contending for your attention, many of which take advantage of the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 APIs powering ChatGPT. It’s just offered in the United States in the meantime. However, the business states it will broaden to different nations “in the coming weeks.”

Feature-wise, OpenAI’s app looks and acts similar to the ChatGPT site– with the addition of voice input utilizing OpenAI’s Whisper speech acknowledgment. It likewise permits changing between basic and GPT-4 language designs for ChatGPT Plus customers, in addition to discussion history (synced from the desktop if you check in with the same account) and the capability to export information and erase or relabel discussions. The business’s recently introduced plugins, consisting of live web gain access, are missing.

OpenAI recommends Android users will not be left in the dark for long, as the business guarantees, “You’re next!” In addition, the App Store variation is presently produced for iPhone, so iPad users must either stick to the ChatGPT site or utilize the iOS app awkwardly upscaled to tablet size.

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