Google Ads Tutorial: Setting New Customer Acquisition Goals

This detailed tutorial teaches how to effectively establish the brand-new Google Ads client acquisition objective for brand-new and existing projects.

  • Google presents client acquisition objectives for advertisements, permitting much better targeting of brand-new clients.
  • Two modes are offered: New Customer Value and New Customer Only, each supporting various goals.
  • The brand-new reporting column “New clients” in the Google Ads user interface assists in determining Customer Acquisition Costs.

Google recently presented its most recent objective to marketers: consumer acquisition objectives.

The consumer acquisition objective effectively discovers brand-new clients through various Google Ads project types based on marketing goals.

In its current guide video, Google explained how the brand-new consumer acquisition objective functions and modes of assistance.

How The Customer Acquisition Goal Works

New consumers are identified using three sources of information:

  • Consumer Match lists (first-party information)
  • Google tag
  • Auto-detection signals

Google supports two various consumer acquisition modes:

  • New Customer Value mode. Quote greater for brand-new consumers than for existing clients. The retail and online sales goals are supported with this alternative.
  • New Customer Only mode.Just quote for brand-new consumers. This choice supports the retail, online sales, and lead gen goals.

The client acquisition objective can be established for brand-new and existing projects.

Establishing The Goal For New Performance Max Campaigns

Choosing the client acquisition objective for a brand-new Performance Max project occurs throughout the project building and construction.

Choose Performance Max as the project type and call the project.

The 2nd action is to set the quote, where the brand-new acquisition objective type is.

How to pick the client acquisition objective enter Google Ads.Image credit: Google,, April 2023

If Using the ‘New Customer Value Mode

The consumer acquisition box above will trigger the marketer to select from existing audience sections as soon as it is examined.

After selecting the audiences, a worth needs to be appointed for consumer acquisition.

The worth is designated to brand-new client conversions, which assists Smart Bidding in enhancing brand-new clients.

Utilizing the brand-new consumer acquisition objective in Google Ads.Image Credit: Google,, April 2023

Google advises setting the worth to a brand-new client’s anticipated future natural earnings for ideal outcomes.

As soon as the worth is set, establish the Performance Max project as typical.

If Using the ‘New Customer Only Mode

The procedure of including the client acquisition objective is the very same as above, other than selecting this alternative instead:

  • Only quote for brand-new clients.”

This narrows the targeting down to discovering brand-new clients.

Google advises establishing a different project for existing consumers, not to narrow the reach excessively. ROAS targets must vary between the two projects based on user habits and historic efficiency.

Establishing The Goal For Existing Campaigns

The consumer acquisition objective is readily available for these existing project types:

  • Efficiency Max
  • Browse
  • Video Action

# 1: Configure Customer Acquisition Goal in Conversions

To do this, browse to >> “Tools & Settings > > Conversions > > Customer Acquisition– Set up

Set consumer acquisition objective within Conversions embeding in Google Ads.Image credit: Screenshot taken by the author, April 2023

The objective setup is the same as the previous guidelines:

  1. Select existing consumer lists
  2. Set the worth designated to consumer acquisition

This is now established at the account level and readily available to contribute to existing projects.

# 2: Configure Customer Acquisition Goal in Campaign

Pick the project that will be utilizing the brand-new objective type. Click the Settings tab on the left-hand menu bar.

Choose “the client acquisition box, which will open up the accurate panel.

Set up the client acquisition objective key in existing projects. Image credit: Google,, April 2023

Pick the suitable consumer acquisition type for the specific project, then click Save.

How To Measure New Customer Performance

The reporting upgrades are amongst the most impressive updates about the consumer acquisition objective type.

The Google Ads online user interface offers a brand-new column for New consumers.

New Customers column in Google Ads user interface. Image credit: Google,, April 2023

The New Clients column reveals the variety of brand-new clients each project type gets utilizing the objective.

In addition to the brand-new reporting offered, it assists in determining essential metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost.


Google s most recent consumer acquisition objective assists marketers in being more tactical with their marketing dollars.

By stabilizing the requirement for brand-new consumers and essential service metrics such as ROAS or success, the client acquisition objective drives brand-new clients while still striking those objectives.

Enjoy the whole Google Ads guide here

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