Microsoft Announces Platform Name Changes Amidst Market Acceleration

Microsoft Ads continues its service change by making tactical updates to its acquisition platforms and incorporating AI into its advertisement platforms.

  • Microsoft is relabeling numerous of its marketing platforms.
  • It’s speeding up the development of its digital marketing company through channels like search, native, video, and linked television.
  • The business prepares to include AI in its marketing platforms to assist marketers in automating project development.

Microsoft just recently revealed various name modifications to a handful of its platforms.

Microsoft Ads has accelerated its digital footprint through prominent collaborations over the last few years.

The platform name modifications are an outcome of what the modifications represent.

A Quick Background

In the previous four years, Microsoft Ads changed its organization to concentrate on developing an ecosphere that supports marketers, partners, publishers, and end customers.

Let’s have a look at a short timeline of Microsoft Ads collaboration advancements:

  • 2019: Announced PromoteIQ retail media service acquisition
  • 2022: Announced Xandr (previously Appnexus) acquisition
  • 2022: Netflix chooses Microsoft as its international marketing innovation and sales partner
  • 2023: Roku Advertising signs up with forces with Microsoft Ads for cross-platform partnership

Each acquisition and collaboration included recording extra online market share.

Optimizing Its Digital Solutions

Microsoft Ads is generally understood for its search marketing platform (previously Bing).

While Microsoft Bing search comprises 7% of the marketplace share, its audience, and native advertisement platform offerings have allowed other development chances.

Today, Microsoft supports a lot more offerings in its marketing platform, consisting of:

  • Browse
  • Show
  • Native
  • Retail Media
  • Video
  • Linked Television (CTV)

With the scaled offerings and causing brand-new customers and brand-new verticals, Microsoft s tactical growth is “combining the power of an online search engine, news circulation, running system, organization network, web browser, and video gaming platform integrated with a supply-side platform for publishers, a demand-side platform for marketers, and a retail media stack.”

Combining the Microsoft Brand

The two name modification statements connect to the PromoteIQ and Xandr acquisitions.

  • PromoteIQ will now end up being Microsoft Retail Media.
  • Xandr Solutions will now be Microsoft Monetize, Microsoft Invest, and Microsoft Curate.

Per Microsoft’s statement, the updates will be present throughout the rest of 2023. No instant modifications are occurring relating to advertising campaigns, retail media programs, or site money-making services.

Including AI to Advertisement Platforms

In addition to the name modifications, Microsoft meant the upcoming AI advancements quickly.

In 2023, Microsoft released an AI-powered Bing search and Edge web browser for users, getting favorable feedback.

Now, Microsoft promises to bring generative AI to its marketing platforms.

Simply today, Microsoft revealed its predictive targeting tool in the advertisement platform.

While not discussing any other particular updates, Microsoft kept in mind the following locations where marketers may see AI generated:

  • Automate project property production at scale
  • Project management performances
  • Assistance with a more comprehensive set of marketing goals

Marketer and publisher AI platform updates are on the heels of some Google Ads updates.

Google Ads currently supports automatic possession production for Performance Max projects, so this statement seems like Microsoft s variation will be a quick follow(although not validated).

Why Are These Changes Significant?

The objective of these name modifications is how Microsoft talks about the worth and deals of each platform.

From a marketer and publisher viewpoint, the name modifications make good sense.

A streamlined and identifiable name offers Microsoft a benefit in attracting more big retail brand names.

With Xandr having numerous services, Microsoft’s technique to sector out the option offerings is the ideal relocation. The benefits are simpler for marketers and publishers to comprehend which platform is best for them.

There might be other competitive elements that play into the name modification.

Previously this month, The Trade Desk (TDD) revealed substantial updates to its programmatic platform to shock the Big Tech monopoly.

As more brand names emerge and sophisticate their options, Microsoft is trying to find a seat at the table. Microsoft is rapidly becoming a substantial worldwide force with marketing abilities in 187 markets and 35 languages.


Microsoft is growing its search footprint and diversifying itself versus other gamers.

The PromoteIQ acquisition reveals its tactical concentrate on the retail market, and its offerings are distinct and something Google does t have.

Microsoft’s offerings also show usage cases for various markets s.

If you’re not marketing with Microsoft in any capability, wear t rest on the chance too long. Their capacity for development appears to be beginning.

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