PHP Framework: What Are They & Why Are They Important?

PHP structures resemble onions– not because they make you sob, but because they have layers.

Jokes aside, PHP structures have layers; if you do not understand them, the topic might cause tears. In this post, we will discuss the information on PHP structure innovations and remove a few of the uncertainty surrounding them.

We will likewise talk about why they are valuable for your group’s workflow and why you need to integrate them into your group tasks. Furthermore, you’ll discover their benefits and drawbacks and a few of the most popular PHP structures in the market.

Table of contents

  • What is a PHP structure?
  • Why utilize a PHP structure?
  • 11 Best PHP Frameworks
  • Selecting the very best PHP Framework

PHP has been around for several years, and as an outcome, it is exceptionally robust.

PHP is a foundation in the advancement neighborhood for whatever, from computer system shows to software applications and web advancement. Designers utilize PHP to develop desktop applications, video games, command-line scripting, automation services, and more.

Despite being around for so long, existing market patterns reveal that PHP is here to remain. The coding language is still utilized for almost 80% of all sites in 2023.

The program’s language has a perfect knowing curve given its variety of usage, get in PHP frameworks. These structures alleviate the discovery curve by supplying pre-built software applications, guidelines, and platforms to develop your software application.


Why utilize a PHP structure?

PHP structures can enhance your advancement pipeline. These enhancements cover everything, from security to efficiency within your company. Each system has various focuses– some might concentrate on advancement workflow and others on scalability.

One perk that all of these structures provide is outstanding security, which is essential for software application advancement. Preserving security from the start of your advancement pipeline belongs to a DevSecOps method that causes enhanced efficiency.

The Drawbacks of Using a PHP Framework

A couple of disadvantages exist to utilizing a PHP structure for your software application advancement groups.

The very first is a boost in show constraints. You can do even more with PHP if you do not utilize a structure. A structure will decrease program intricacy. This works well if you’re trying to find performance. Manual coding offers your more versatility in what you can achieve.

Furthermore, each structure has a discovery curve, and you will not instantly understand how to engage and utilize that particular structure. This knowing curve is not as challenging as finding a brand-new program language, but you’ll still require time to get up to speed.


11 Best PHP Frameworks

Let’s discuss some of the best PHP structures and their general problem. When assembling this list, we thought about elements like onboarding, discovering the language and syntax, and intricacy. Systems are referred to as superficial, moderate, and challenging.

1. Fat-Free Framework

Basic PHP structure, Fat-Free Framework websites screenshot.

The Fat-Free Framework flourishes in simplicity. The structure aims for minimalism in structural parts, prevents application intricacy, and balances code sophistication, application efficiency, and developer efficiency.

Fat-Free Framework, or “F3,” is a fantastic location for discovering how to carry out a PHP structure in your group workflow. This micro-framework likewise supports utilizing numerous database languages for range and versatility.

What we like: F3 is very lightweight, and the file size is less than 100KB. This likewise implies you can get it up and running rapidly if you search for an instant option.

  • Problem: Easy
  • Limitations: F3 needs more module setup

2. Slim

Image SourceBasic PHP structure, Slim micro structure

Slim is a PHP micro-framework that assists you in rapidly composing easy yet practical web applications and APIs. Slim is a micro-framework for getting and returning HTTP calls, disrobed to its most essential functions to support simple usage.

Slim is a temporary structure since it does not have third-party dependencies and is the finest for establishing little apps and APIs. This structure is simple to install, having your “hi World” prepared in a few minutes. Slim is thought about as among the very best PHP structures around.

Best for Producing rest APIs while staying a micro-framework. It’s a perfect tool for developing APIs that extract, repurpose, or release information.

  • Problem: Easy
  • Limitations: Not enhanced for big applications

3. PHPixie

Easy PHP structure, PHPixie

PHPixie began as a micro-framework and slowly became one of the most popular full-stack PHP structures while maintaining its high efficiency. PHPixie utilizes the HMVC style pattern and, as such, is quick and reputable.

Remember, this structure is reasonably brand-new, consists of fewer modules, and has less neighborhood assistance. PHPixie is simple to begin and simple to utilize. If you encounter issues, you might be at an obstruction with little help.

What we like: PHPixie’s rigorous architecture permits stability while preventing typical mistakes. The code is simple to check out, debug, extend, and test.

  • Trouble: Easy
  • Limitations: Less assistance and not relatively as robust as other alternatives on this list

4. CodeIgniter

Easy PHP structure, CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a robust PHP structure with a tiny footprint, constructed for designers who require an effortless, sophisticated toolkit to develop full-featured web applications.

This structure is produced quick start-up and very little possession overhead, and this lowered footprint permits quick setup and much better task runtime speeds.

CodeIgniter is most likely among the most thorough structures on this list. It supplies just the essentials however is exceptionally extendable, enabling you to do practically anything you require. This structure likewise uses security functions and promotes the MVC architecture.

Best for: Structure massive web applications within a basic structure. CodeIgniter offers guides and recommendation files for ease of usage.

  • Trouble: Easy
  • Limitations: Not the very best option for security

5. Laravel

Easy PHP structure, Laravel details page

Laravel is a web application structure with meaningful, stylish syntax. Laravel is among the world’s most popular open-source facilities and is B2B all set. It was produced to provide a system that supplies functions that CodeIgniter does not, such as user authentication.

Laravel consists of security functions to safeguard against SQL injection and Cross-Site Forgery Requests (CSFR). You’ll likewise have access to workflow tools, such as property compilers, and a command-line user interface (CLI).

This structure enhances workflow effectiveness, making it an essential tool for your group. However, the included functions make it a little more challenging to discover.

What we like: Laravel is the most popular PHP structure when composing this post. Designers have many advantages to state about the experience it offers– both speed and satisfaction!

  • Trouble: Moderate
  • Limitations: A bit more intricate to utilize, much better for big tasks

6. Laminas

Easy PHP structure, Laminas

Laminas, formerly called “Zend Framework,” is a collection of expert PHP bundles with over 570 million setups. This structure has been around for a long time and has a massive neighborhood of designers that support this structure.

Due to their long life, Laminas have numerous functions that have been included and included. This steepens the discovery curve. On the other hand, this structure has been around so long that it is continuously being upgraded with optimization and performance modifications.

What we like: Laminas has many parts with few dependencies, enabling you to choose the method you wish to use.

  • Trouble: Moderate
  • Limitations: Exceedingly high knowing curve for mobile designers

7. CakePHP

Easy PHP structure, CakePHP

CakePHP is developed to make typical web advancement jobs basic and straightforward. CakePHP 4 is a web advancement structure working on PHP 8.1. CakePHP is designed for simplicity and has a growing variety of functions.

Easy PHP Framework, CakePHP

The setup is essential and needs a running web server and a copy of the structure set up. With its extensibility, CakePHP can satisfy the requirements of practically any task. That consists of security, user authentication, and quickly develops.

Best for: Beneficial for carrying out codes with various modules. If this explains your procedure, think about utilizing CakePHP.

  • Trouble: Moderate
  • Limitations: It can be a little complex to browse due to its numerous functions

8. Yii

Basic PHP Framework, Yii

Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP structure for quickly establishing contemporary web applications. The name is Yii (noticeable Yee or [ji:]ways “basic and evolutionary” in Chinese. It can likewise be considered an acronym for “Yes It Is!”

Since Yii is component-based and created to be appropriate for any web application, consisting of CMS, ecommerce, and even single-page apps (SPAs), it provides outstanding assistance and is highly personalized. First-timers are careful; there is a lot to discover with this structure.

What we like: Yii has exceptional and in-depth documents, and these resources assist you in browsing the structure and softening the high-knowing curve.

  • Trouble: Moderate
  • Limitations: Steep discovering curve

9. Phalcon

Basic PHP Framework, Phalcon

Phalcon is an open-source, full-stack structure for PHP, composed as a C-extension. It’s enhanced for high efficiency, and its unique architecture enables the system to be memory local constantly. This indicates the system can provide its performance whenever required, without the pricey file statistics and file checks out that conventional PHP structures use.

There is no requirement to discover any C shows language to utilize Phalcon. The structure is simple to set up and can manage any task as much as a business level.

Nevertheless, the designers frequently need to reach spot updates in reaction to sent concerns. This might leave your task at a stop or require the application of “hacky” repairs.

What we like: Phalcon has the fastest raw efficiency of all structures.

  • Trouble: Difficult
  • Disadvantage: Developers typically react to bugs and problems gradually

10. FuelPHP

Basic PHP Framework, FuelPHP

FuelPHP is a basic, versatile, community-driven PHP 5 web structure. It was substantiated by aggravations with the presently offered facilities and established with assistance from a neighborhood of designers.

FuelPHP is exceptionally portable, deals with practically any server, and prides itself on tidy syntax. This structure can construct end-to-end web services using a few of the most critical security requirements and approaches.

This structure is reasonably brand-new and, as such, has fewer assistance facilities. You might be confronted with a steeper knowing curve.

We like FuelPHP safeguards versus typical vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting out of the package.

  • Problem: Difficult
  • Limitations: Less assistance and a steeper knowing curve

11. Symfony

Basic PHP Framework, Symfony

Symfony is a set of PHP elements, a web application structure, an approach, and a neighborhood– all working harmoniously. This structure has been around for a long time and is trustworthy and fully grown. Symfony likewise follows PHP and web requirements to the specific letter, alleviating compliance issues throughout advancement.

This structure is finest matched for more significant enterprise-level tasks. It is highly versatile and can incorporate with bigger jobs such as Drupal. Symfony and Laravel have a great deal in common, and Symfony is developed with knowledgeable designers in mind.

What we like: Symfony’s Database Support and Data Modeling alternatives are robust and versatile.

  • Trouble: Difficult
  • Limitations: Steep finding out curve, slower than other structures


Selecting the very best PHP Framework

Picking the very best structure for your group can be demanding; however, being appropriately notified will assist. Utilizing the metrics, let’s cover-up by going through some pointers on picking the finest structure to fit your requirements.

1. Appeal and Community

Utilizing a structure with a great neighborhood typically indicates you’ll have a hard time searching for responses to typical concerns. It likewise suggests that you will likely discover answers to less specific problems.

PHP Framework appeal chart

Image Source

2. Culture

Discovering a structure that matches the perfect culture of your company is a regularly ignored idea. The value of matching culture must not be overlooked, so if a system does not fulfill your company’s objectives and perfects, look in other places.

3. Sustainability

Sustainability matters since it identifies if the structure you are utilizing will still be around later. Nothing is even worse than restoring a job because a system is no longer in production and consists of out-of-date info or innovation.

Sustainability matters when it pertains to the scalability of your task. As your job grows, will the structure you utilize continue to sustain it?

4. Software Application and Technology Support

Utilizing a structure that provides higher versatility is good; however, consider the level of assistance offered. Guarantee the design you select deals with software applications and technical assistance so your advancement procedure is not stopped due to obstructions you can not prevail over.

Beginning with PHP Frameworks

PHP structures can assist your group in developing applications effectively and safely. You require to discover the right choice for your group.

Consider your group’s advancement competence and the scale of the tasks in your pipeline. From there, prepare a wishlist, and you can discover the best structure to support your company.

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