Elon Musk says he wants to start ‘TruthGPT’ to rival OpenAI and Google

Elon Musk’s preparation for his own AI business is beginning to come into focus. The Twitter CEO wishes to “develop a 3rd choice” for a company that might challenge OpenAI and Google.

Fox NewsMusk stated that he’s thinking about calling the endeavor “TruthGPT,” in which the objective would be to develop an “optimum truth-seeking AI that attempts to comprehend the nature of deep space,” which “ideally does more excellent than damage.”

Musk acknowledged that he would begin with a considerable drawback to his competitors as he’s “beginning late.” And, as is frequently the case, it’s uncertain how major or far along his strategies are. Speculation about Musk’s AI aspirations has been installed as he just recently submitted documents for an organization called. He purchased thousands and worked with scientists from DeepMind for an unidentified Twitter AI job. It’s uncertain if the two efforts belong. Staff members have understood Musk throughout his business.

Musk stated his inspiration came from issues about the instructions of AI and the hazard it might position to humankind. Mainly, he was an early backer of OpenAI, which he assisted begin Musk distanced himself from the company after a report with Sam Altman about who would run the company. Recently, he has OpenAI for spinning off a for-profit company and dealing with Microsoft.

While it’s uncertain how Musk’s AI strategies might impact Twitter, he teased one upcoming service function. He stated Twitter was dealing with a function that would enable users to additionally secure their direct messages, which it’s “ideally coming out later on month, however no behind next month.”

Encrypted direct messaging has been reported, and Musk, a of encrypted messaging apps, has formerly stated that Twitter must provide Signal-style file encryptioprocessou remain in a discussion you believe is delicate, you can toggle file encryption on, and after that, nobody at Twitter can see what you’re discussing,” Musk described.

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