How to Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress (3 Easy Ways)

Do you want to identify Adblock users in WordPress and reveal them targeted messages?

Adblockers are popular software application that obstructs ads on the web. They are offered as add-ons for all leading internet browsers, mobile apps, and devoted internet browsers. They can injure your profits if you rely on advertisements to make cash online.

In this post, we will reveal to you how to spot AdBlock users in WordPress and share methods to bypass the software application.

What Is Adblock and How Does It Hurt Website Owners?

Adblock Plus and other adblocking software applications enable users to find and obstruct ads on WordPress sites immediately.

While Adblock brings an ad-free experience to users, it can harm blog writers and site owners who rely entirely on advertisement earnings.

A research study released by Global Web Index reveals that adblocker use has increased over the previous couple of years. Almost 43% of web users have some adblocking software application set up on their gadgets.

Advertisement block use stats

Adblocking is a major issue impacting numerous sites, especially blog sites that count on ads as their main source of profits.

What Should You Do About Adblock as a Publisher?

There are numerous steps that site owners can require to manage visitors utilizing adblockers.

1. The Do-Nothing Approach

As the name states, you can not do anything about the users with Adblock. You simply discover to deal with the loss of income for the sake of pleased users.

2. The Passive Approach

You can well ask your users to whitelist your site with a pledge of quality material and non-obtrusive advertisements. There is no method to understand how efficient this demand will be.

Another option is to produce a subscription site with paid membership strategies. You can promote paid strategies as an ad-free experience with extra material and functions.

Reddit is a fantastic example of this technique with its ad-free Reddit Premium strategy.

Reddit premium sneak peek

3. The Aggressive Approach

In this method, you merely obstruct access to your site for all users with Adblock made it possible for. If they wish to see your material, then they need to disable Adblock.

If you check out Rotten Tomatoes, then you will see a popup that asks you to turn off your adblocker to see its material.

Disable adblocker notification popup

This sort of anti-Adblock method is rather aggressive, and it will turn away users from your website. Research studies reveal that 77% of Adblock users leave sites with Adblock walls.

It’s finest to utilize the passive method that we discussed previously.

How to Detect Adblock Users in WordPress

Prior to you can ask for Adblock users to whitelist and support your site. You require to be able to spot these users. Fortunately, there are a lot of methods to do that in WordPress.

We will reveal to you a couple of various techniques, and you can select the one that finest fits you:

  • Approach 1: Detect and Target Adblock Users With OptinMonster (Recommended)
  • Approach 2: Target Adblock Users With AdSanity
  • Approach 3: Detect Adblock Users With AdsMatcher Anti Adblock
  • Reward: Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Technique 1: Detect and Target Adblock Users With OptinMonster (Recommended)

Among the very best methods to spot Adblock users and reveal their targeted messages is by utilizing OptinMonster

It is the very best list-building and conversion optimization software application in the marketplace. It assists you to transform site visitors into customers and consumers, grow your e-mail list, get more leads, and improve conversions.

OptinMonster has an integrated ad-blocking detector that enables you to reveal targeted projects to users with ad-blocking software applications set up on their gadgets. This consists of popular software applications like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and more.

You will require to sign up for an OptinMonster account. You will require a minimum of their Growth strategy to access the Adblock targeting.

Merely go to the OptinMonster site and click the ‘Get OptinMonster Now’ button to get going.

OptinMonster site

When you have actually registered, you can head to your WordPress website to set up and trigger the complimentary OptinMonster plugin for more information, see our detailed guide on how to set up a WordPress plugin.

This plugin functions as a port between your site and OptinMonster.

Upon activation, you will see the welcome screen and setup wizard in your WordPress control panel. Just click the ‘Connect Your Existing Account’ button to continue.

Linking an OptinMonster account to WordPress

Next, you will require to link your WordPress website with OptinMonster.

When a brand-new window opens, go on and click the ‘Connect to WordPress’ button.

Link OptinMonster to WordPress

Now, you are prepared to produce a project and spot Adblock users.

Merely head to OptinMonster” Campaigns from the WordPress admin location and click the ‘Create Your First Campaign’ button.

Produce initially OptinMonster project

This will open the OptinMonster project home builder.

You will require to select a project type. If you wish to take the passive method, then you can utilize the lightbox popup project type.

On the other hand, if you wish to strongly lockout Adblock users, then you can utilize the fullscreen project type rather.

Select a project type and design template

After selecting a project type, you will likewise require to pick a design template. OptinMonster provides gorgeous pre-built design templates for various project types. You can quickly pick one and modify it according to your requirements.

For this tutorial, we are utilizing the ‘Target’ style, however, you can pick various design templates.

Now, you will be asked to pick a title for your project. When you have actually gone into a name, simply click the ‘Start Building’ button.

Get in a name for your project

Next, you will see the drag-and-drop project home builder. OptinMonster provides several alternatives to tailor your popup.

You can choose various blocks from the menu on your left and include them in your design template. There are blocks to include images, videos, buttons, countdown timers, text, and more.

Tailor your AdBlock project

After that, you can click any aspect in the design template to modify it.

You can click the text to include your own copy.

Modify text in AdBlock project

Next, you can likewise modify the text and action for the buttons in the project. We have actually altered the Yes button to ‘I have handicapped AdBlock’ and the No button to ‘I will believe about it.’

You can likewise pick what action will occur when a user clicks the button. Just click the ‘Button Click Action’ dropdown menu from the left panel and select the action.

Modify button text for AdBlock project

When a user clicks the ‘I Have Disabled AdBlock’ button, then we desire to reveal the Success view.

Next, you can click the ‘Success’ tab at the bottom of the project home builder and modify the view. We modified the text to reveal a thank you message.

Modify the success view in AdBlock project

After that, you require to click the ‘Display Rules’ tab. This is where you can pick when and where your project will appear.

OptinMonster provides effective screen guidelines. By default, it will reveal the project when a user invests 5 seconds or more on your WordPress blog site.

You will require to pick the ‘Ad-Blocker Targeting’ guideline.

Select advertisement obstructing targeting

After that, you can reveal the project when the advertisement blocker is allowed on a user’s internet browser.

Next, ensure that the present URL course is set to any page. This setting will show the popup on all pages of your site.

Modification advertisement blocker targeting guidelines

When you have set up the display screen ruler, simply click the ‘Next Step’ button to continue.

Now, you will be asked to pick the default view. Make certain that it is set to ‘Yes/No’. You can likewise reveal a MonsterEffect and play sound results when the popup appears on a user’s screen.

Include sound results to project

Your Adblock project is nearly prepared. Let’s release it to make it readily available on your site.

Just change to the ‘Publish’ tab in the home builder and alter the Publish Status to ‘Publish’.

Release advertisement blocker project

You can now click the ‘Save’ button at the top and close the project contractor.

On the next screen, you will see the WordPress Output Settings for the project. To make your project live, just click the ‘Status’ dropdown menu and alter it from ‘Pending’ to ‘Published’.

Make your advertisement blocker project live

When you are done, proceed and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

That’s all. Your adblocker project now resides on your WordPress site.

You can evaluate out your project by setting up the AdBlock extension in your web browser and visiting your site. You will see a popup asking users to support your site by disabling the Adblock software application.

Advertisement blocker project sneak peek

Approach 2: Target Adblock Users With AdSanity

AdSanity is among the very best advertisement management plugins for WordPress. It actually has a paid ‘Adblock Detection’ add-on that permits you to discover users with ad-blocking software applications and limit their access to your site up until they disable adblocking.

You require to set up and trigger the AdSanity plugin and its Advertisement Block Detection add-on. For more information, see our detailed guide on how to set up a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you should check out the AdSanity” Settings page and click the ‘Licenses’ tab.

Next, you can go into the license secrets for the AdSanity core plugin and the Advertisement Block Detection add-on. You can quickly discover these license types in your account location.

Get in AdSanity license crucial

After getting in the license, click the ‘Activate License’ and ‘Save Changes’ buttons.

Next, you can change to the ‘Add-Ons’ tab in the AdSanity settings.

Modify AdSanity advertisement blocker settings

AdSanity permits you to identify Adblock on posts and pages. You can reveal a caution popup to Adblock users with your customized message, or you can reroute them to a custom-made page.

Both approaches are aggressive and need users to disable Adblock to continue searching your website.

When you enjoy the settings, ensure to click the ‘Save’ button. AdSanity will now show the caution message to Adblock users on your website.

Technique 3: Detect Adblock Users With AdsMatcher Anti Adblock

If you are searching for a totally free method to discover Adblock users, then you can attempt this approach.

You will require to set up and trigger the AdsMatcher Anti Adblock plugin. For more information, see our detailed guide on how to set up a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, head over to the Settings” AdsMatcher page to set up the plugin settings.

Modify AdsMatcher settings

The plugin enables you to reveal a custom-made message to Adblock users. You can modify the title and message that will appear on your site.

Plus, you likewise have the choice to show the close button. If you wish to utilize an aggressive method, then you can conceal the close button and force users to disable their adblockers.

Do not forget to conserve your settings. You can now visit your site with the AdBlock extension set up on your web browser to check the plugin.

Disable AdBlock message

Bonus offer: Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Web users are discovering more methods to obstruct advertisements throughout the web. Combating ad-blocking software applications can be strenuous and a neverending battle to recuperate lost income.

Something to think about is altering the method you generate income on your site. Discovering brand-new methods to monetize your material will provide you the liberty to rely less on advertisements and construct a sustainable service in the long run.

Research study reveals that personal privacy, security, and bad user experience are the most typical problems among Adblock users. You can deal with these problems by adjusting various money-making approaches that attend to those problems.

Here are a couple of methods publishers can use to generate income and not depend on advertisements.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the most typical methods to generate income from your material. You can advise services and products to your users and make a commission when users buy utilizing your affiliate link.

There are lots of plugins and tools for affiliate online marketers that will assist you in getting going. For more information, see our newbie’s guide to affiliate marketing.

2. Offering Direct Ads

If you are serving advertisements through a third-party marketing network like Google AdSense, then you have actually restricted control over advertisements, personal privacy, and the CPC.

Offering advertisements straight to marketers permits you to make sure of personal privacy, limit tracking, and manage how you earn money.

WordPress advertisement management plugins like AdSanity permit you to serve your own advertisements. You can utilize hosted images by yourself sites for advertisements and quickly bypass most adblocking software applications.

Idea: Do not cover your advertisements around HTML components with CSS classes like advertisements, ads, discounts, and so on. This is how the AdBlocking software application discovers and obstructs advertisements.

3. Sponsored Content

Think about permitting marketers to sponsor material on your site. You can compose content about their product and services and even consist of an affiliate link to get a recommendation commission. You can likewise accept user-submitted posts straight on your site.

4. Premium Content

Another handy technique utilized by lots of online publications is a superior material. You can adjust a pay-per-view design, develop subscription strategies, offer online courses, or merely limit pages to paid users.

Forbes material locking popup

For more methods to diversify your site’s profits, have a look at our guide on various methods to generate income online from your site and some easy-to-start brand-new online organization concepts.

We hope this short article assisted you in discovering how to spot AdBlock users in WordPress. You might likewise wish to see our guide on how to develop an e-mail newsletter and our specialist selects the very best e-mail marketing services to grow your organization.


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