Introducing Broken Link Checker – Never Have Dead Links On Your WordPress Site Again

Are you tired of finding and repairing damaged links on your WordPress website?

Have you ever wanted there to be a sure-fire technique to regularly keep track of all internal and external links quickly WITHOUT high expenses?

If you’re like me and most otherwise site owners, you have actually at least wanted this service many times in your WordPress journey.

Today, I’m delighted to reveal my brand-new item, Broken Link Checker, which works calmly in the background on your website, providing you assurance.

We developed this tool to assist you in rapidly examining your website for damaged links and quickly repairing them to enhance SEO.

What is Broken Link Checker?

Broken Link Checker is an effective WordPress plugin that crawls your site regularly and checks every link to guarantee it is not broken.

It is developed as a SaaS service, so it never puts a load on your WordPress hosting server or slows down your site.

The Broken Link Checker plugin was established by the same group behind AIOSEO (All in One SEO), the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

When broken links are discovered, the plugin makes it simple to repair them right from within the plugin without even needing to go to specific pages where those links were included.

Why Do You Need Broken Link Checker?

Broken links can irritate your site visitors and trigger them to leave your website, and they can even injure your site’s SEO, conversions, and sales.

On WordPress websites, broken links usually happen when moving a website to a brand-new domain or erasing a post or page without appropriate redirection.

Often broken links can likewise occur due to a typo and go undetected for months, if not years. Even worse, if you ever connect to an external site that’s not yours, and they alter the page, erase it, or shut it down, your website will have broken links.

This is why checking damaged links regularly is necessary for your WordPress site.

While SaaS-damaged link checkers are in the market, many are either insane pricey or not developed, particularly with WordPress sites in mind.

I worked with my group to develop a beginner-friendly damaged link checker for WordPress.

With Broken Link Checker, you can …

  • scan all links on your website every three days
  • spot legitimate links, broken links, and reroutes
  • set which post types (posts, pages, or customized post types) and statuses (released, draft, and so on) to keep an eye on
  • leave out specific URLs from being inspected

… and a lot more.

If you’re severe about your site and wish to grow your online service, you understand how crucial it is to provide visitors with a smooth site searching experience.

The last thing you desire your readers to see is a massive 404-page not discovered mistake message functioning as a dead end on your WordPress website.

How to Use Broken Link Checker in WordPress

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up and trigger Broken Link Checker on your website.

aioseo damaged link checker

For more information, see our action-by-action guide on how to set up a WordPress plugin.

Next, you’ll require to link the plugin to your Broken Link Checker account.

Upon linking the plugin with your account, you can turn the toggle on to stop the online search engines from following damaged links. You can even set it not to upgrade the customized date for a page/post when a connection is boosted using the plugin.

link fine-tunes damaged links tool

When you click the Broken Links tab, you can see that the plugin has instantly scanned the whole website, and links are classified as damaged, reroutes, and dismissed.

The Broken Link Checker plugin lets you repair damaged links rapidly and quickly, which is ideal within your plugin. To change a damaged link, click Modify URL

If you want to remove the link, click Unlink, and the link will be removed from the page.

modify url in damaged link checker

After upgrading the link, you can reconsider if the connection is still broken by clicking the Reconsider choice. If you desire, you can even dismiss the message from the plugin.

Get More Details About Each Link

Broken Link Checker provides extra information for each link, like the time the association has been broken and action header details, HTTP Status code, and more.

get status information for damaged links

Control Which Types of Pages are Scanned

Another essential element of Broken Link Checker is its sophisticated settings, which offer you complete control over which pages get scanned. Within the plugin, you can set which post types (posts, pages, or custom-made post types) and statuses (released, draft, and so on) to keep an eye on.

You can likewise leave out particular pages from being examined.

innovative settings of damaged link checker

This assists you much better in handling the crawl spending plan, so you can guarantee you’re not squandering the link scan credits.

Scanning Your Site the proper way

Broken Link Checker scans both external (links from your site to others) and internal links (links from one page on your website to another page) on your website.

Unlike other WordPress plugins, Broken Link Checker utilizes an external personal server to scan (or, to put it simply, ping) for broken links on your website. That’s since consistently pinging external websites from your servers can make your website look suspicious to internet service companies, putting your websites at threat of being blocked.

This is why most WordPress hosting businesses put standard damaged link checker plugins in their block list.

Given That Broken Link Checker utilizes an external personal server for pinging external links, you can feel confident that you’re safe.

What’s Coming Next?

Broken Link Checker is an item by my AIOSEO group, a leading WordPress SEO plugin with over 3 million installs.

We aim to continue developing best-in-class SEO tools to guarantee your site is constantly outranking your rivals.

Broken Link Checker is simply among the brand-new tools that we’ve released.

We have an exciting roadmap to make this plugin much more effective, and I am pleased with our group.

If you have concepts on how we can make the Broken Link Checker platform or other SEO tools more practical, please send us your ideas.


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