Microsoft Unveils New Mobile-First Experiences For Bing & Edge

Microsoft boosts the Bing mobile experience, incorporates cross-platform chats, and includes ingenious functions for SwiftKey and Skype.

  • Microsoft is boosting Bing with mobile-first experiences and cross-platform chat connections.
  • Bing will be incorporated into Skype group chats and Edge mobile app, supplying deep context for material and conceptualizing sessions.
  • The SwiftKey keyboard now incorporates AI-powered Bing for preparing text and integrated translation, enhancing multilingual interaction.

In a statement, Divya Kumar, Global Head of Marketing at Microsoft, exposes improvements concerning the mobile variations of Bing and Edge.

Functions revealed at the start of May are getting executed today, enhancing the Bing Chat experience with videos, Knowledge Cards, charts, a much better format, and incorporated social sharing abilities.

Chat history is presented, allowing you to access current activity by clicking the clock icon at the top of the chat window.

Here s more about the brand-new functions coming today.

Improved Bing Experience

Microsoft introduced the AI-powered Bing and Edge 100 days back, marking a significant turning point in its technological journey.

The buzz around Bing has reached unmatched heights, marked by an eight-fold boost in daily downloads, considering the brand-new variation was released.

Microsoft thinks this rise shows the worldwide adoption of Bing as a portable AI assistant.

To enhance these mobile experiences even more, Microsoft is bringing brand-new functions to the Bing, SwiftKey, Edge, and Skype apps.


The Bing app is getting a range of brand-new functions.

Microsoft is releasing a Bing Chat widget for iOS or Android house screens.

This will permit you to land straight in the brand-new Bing Chat experience or ask concerns verbally by clicking the microphone icon.

An extremely asked-for function is the capability to keep constant discussions throughout platforms, which is now possible.

With the upgraded Bing app, you can begin a chat on a desktop and continue it on mobile, and vice versa.

Microsoft is increasing national and language assistance for voice input and enhancing the quality of non-English chats, ensuring users worldwide can tailor their experience.


SwiftKey, Microsoft’s iOS and Android keyboard, is seeing remarkable AI combinations.

Now, you can utilize SwiftKey to make up messages with AI, making text input more effective and predictive.

Microsoft s AI-powered translator is now constructed into the SwiftKey keyboard, making multilingual interaction much more accessible.

After raising the keyboard, click the Bing icon, choose “ Translate, select the languages, and type or paste your text to get a translation.

The app will present brand-new tones for a more customized typing experience.

Microsoft Unveils New Mobile-First Experiences For Bing & & EdgeImage credit: Microsoft


In a relocation that brings Bing s AI abilities to Skype, you can now access the brand-new Bing in all group talks, taking the app s conversational skills to a brand-new level.

Bing can be tagged straight in the chat without individuals being required to include it in their contacts.


The Edge app is set to use a more context-aware chat, permitting you to ask concerns connected to the material on a page or demand Bing to summarize it.

Microsoft Unveils New Mobile-First Experiences For Bing & & EdgeImage credit: Microsoft

Looking Ahead

This series of upgrades and brand-new functions caps off the first 100 days of AI-powered Bing.

Microsoft’s upcoming Build conference will have updates tailored to designers and how they can utilize the Bing AI platform to boost their offerings throughout PC and mobile.

Source: Microsoft


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